Background of JCC’s establishment

Japan Chinese Christian Center (JCC), founded in November 2012 in Japan, was formerly known as the “Japan Chinese Evangelical Committee.” The current organization’s core members are volunteers from various Chinese Christian churches in Japan who participated in the “2013 Tokyo Chinese Evangelical Convention.”

JCC is not affiliated with any Chinese churches in Japan. Its authority does not exceed any Chinese churches in Japan. Participation is voluntary and is comprised of believers from different churches. The devotional activities are independent from those of their home churches.

Today, the Chinese has become the most populous group of foreigners living in Japan. However, only 0.3% actively attends church services. In light of the harsh realities of Japan, the sharing of the gospel message among this population has become quite urgent.

The 2013 Tokyo Chinese Evangelical Convention resulted in two hundred-plus new converts from all over Japan. This has consequently pumped new life into the Chinese churches in Japan. Missions work was given a good kick-start. At the same time, about 150 Christians from various churches came forward to serve as volunteers. These individuals became the solid foundation for the development, operation and cooperation of the organization.

The establishment of JCC has ushered in an era where communication and partnership among the Chinese churches in Japan is now a reality. It will play a historical role in church development, unity and expansion.

JCC’s vision and mission

1.Church Planting Center

Currently, there are approximately 800,000 to 1,000,000 Chinese living in Japan, of which 200,000 reside in the Tokyo area. In China, the percentage of Christian is about 8%-10% of the total population. If the same 8% ratio is applied to Tokyo, there should be approximately 16,000 Christians out of the 200,000. But, there are only about 21 Chinese churches in Tokyo, and 40 in all of Japan. If one church holds 100 members, 160 churches will be needed to accommodate 16,000 congregants. Therefore, the number of churches at the present time is far less than it could be. The majority of Chinese living in Japan (99.7%) are non-affiliated. Church planting in Japan is desperately needed. JCC can be a support center in this effort by providing training, resources and logistical assistance.

2.Bible Center

There are many gifted Chinese in Japan. Many of these have committed to serve the Lord. At the first Evangelistic Convention mentioned above, one hundred people dedicated themselves to His service. However, they are in need training, especially in being equipped with the knowledge of the Bible. JCC has become a Biblical teaching center to train volunteers who can plant churches and/or become missionary workers.

3.Mission Center

Presently, although very few Chinese in Japan participate in missionary work, the potential for growth is great. Chinese living in Japan have experienced a cross-cultural life and mastered the host country language. Therefore, it will be easier for them to bring the gospel message to the every part of the world. Additionally, the economic stability of Japan provides a better base for financing Chinese Christians for missionary work.

Center Activities

1.Monthly Prayer Meeting:
to cover a wide range of prayer needs, for the Kingdom of God, for the Chinese churches in Japan and its unity, for spiritual growth, for the country of Japan and for problems faced by believers.

2.Short Term Training Course:
to equip lay workers for possible missionary work in Chinese churches in Africa or China.

3.Bible study classes:
to train lay workers to become church leaders throughout the world.

4.Annual Evangelistic Convention:
to promote church unity and kindle spiritual revival in Japan.

Vision for the future

The Tokyo Evangelistic Convention set us up on the right course towards unity in Chinese churches throughout Japan, as its momentum builds up and its power strengthens. We will encounter many difficulties and challenges. We have yet a long way to go. But, by the power of our God who enables us, nothing is impossible.

In the near future, we will gradually expand the scale and number of the Chinese churches and believers, assist in the establishment of churches, through brainstorming, publicity and other means to intensify the evangelizing effort and eventually realize the long-term goal which is church unity.

JCC hopes to host annual evangelistic conventions in Tokyo, to continuously broaden its expanse with increased participants in the expectation that more and more seekers will become believers, so that this hard soil of Japan will one day become a rich land for crops that yields a great harvest.

2021/June.20 Meeting Prayer

    • Intercession for Myanmar:
      • 1 The civil war can ceasefire quickly
      • 2 The epidemic disappeared soon
      • 3 People get peace
      • 4 The church is united as one
      • 5 Believers preach the Gospel
      • 6 The Living of the refugees in war
      • 7 May God’s will be done in Myanmar!
    • For Nepal:
      • 1 Pray for the supplies and enough food for Nepal, and pray for us to have faith that the medical supplies we raised can be sent and arrived smoothly
      • 2 At this difficult time, we hope that the people of Nepal can reflect on life, and seek the true God. Ask Heavenly Father to forgive the sin of idolatry in this land
      • 3 Pray for the end of the epidemic in Nepal
    • CDF Intercession (Christ’s Disciples’ Fellowship)”
      • 1 Please pray us to help the people who struck by the typhoon. Help the believers in the branch church before the epidemic alarm has set off.
      • 2 Please pray for our two branch churches, which have not yet completed the construction of the church, to be supplied at the time set by the Lord
      • 3 Pray that God will open the way for us and keep all ministries safe so that everything we do can be accomplished in accordance with His will.
    • Intercession for India (Priest INM Vinod)
      • 1 Pray that the Lord will continue the ministry and love our neighbors
      • 2 May the Lord use INM India to help more orphans
    • Intercession (Mission India)
      • 1 May the Lord comfort the family members of the Lord who lost their loved ones in the epidemic
      • 2 Ask the Lord to provide everything for the pastors and co-workers
      • 3 Pray for the Lord to use Mission India to help the people around them in their lives and to Share the Gospel to them

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