2016/9/25 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC



2016/7/17 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC


2016/6/19 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

Speaker: Ms. Lv Fei (Tokyo Nippori Church)
Attenders from:
Kawagoe Church; Shinjuku Shalom Church; Wesleyan Holiness Yodobashi Church; Tokyo Nippori Church; Tokyo International Church; Yamanote Church; Japanese Church(Saitama); Tokyo Union Church etc.
(42 people were attended. Glory to His name.)


2016/5/15 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC


2016/4/17 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC


2016/3/20 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC


2016/2/21 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC


2016/1/24 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC


2015/12/13 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

Thank God! The last prayer meeting of 2015 was successfully achieved at Yokohama overseas Chinese Christian Church on 13 December. Around 50 brothers and sisters of 9 churches, some of them even took trouble to come from Saitama taking almost 3 hours, all gathered around at the meeting. Pastor Pang’s tonight talk let us all think profoundly. Our prayers for the sake of the world, nation, and church wavely spread all around. After meeting, sisters and brothers were welcomed by Mala-ducks dishes. Chong Qing restaurant’s chef brothers sacrificed their off days to cook us such a perfect meals, so little sisters also couldn’t refrain themselves from asking “one more dish!!” The phrase “the faith in the Lord Jesus which is among you, and the love which you have toward all saints” was testimonied in the church tonight.


2015/11/15 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

58 brothers and sisteres from different churches gathered altogether at Yodobashi Church of the center of Shinjuku, and accomplished the monthly integrate borderless prayer meeting. One of the sisters stated that she was overwhelmed to see how they sang the songs otherworldly and following prayer lead by the praying leader made her teary.

17th March 2013, the first prayer meeting of 100 Chinese in Japan was held here. We all prayed from the heart  each other and that bond lead us to successfully organized the first Chinese in Japan prayer event called “The most beautiful celebration” on its May. Tonight 15th November 2015 is 33 months from it, and what a coincidence that we had the meeting just 5 days before the event “Clebration of Love with Franklin Braham”. All of brothers and sisters prayed for Japan as more people will meet God as their savior.


2015/10/18 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him, and bless his name”

18th October the Lord’s day, 60 sisters and brothers from different churchs gathered altogether to the prayer meeting. Pastor Liu taught us “Art of pray”, then it made our prayer full with spirit and understanding, so that the prayer meeting was expanted two more hours. After meeting, Gyoza cooked by elder Zhang boosted our getting know each other even more and we all had warm time.


2015/9/20 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

20th September, during the Silver week, our brothers and sisters did not hesitate to take troubel to come from Tokyo taking almost 2 hours by Saikyo line to Chiba Christian Church, and prayed altogether. Those 17 brothers and sisters voluntary came to pray throughout for 90 minutes. Pastor Li taught “Accepting the life as celebration” and it reminded us the miracle of our lives. After meeting siblings all enjoyed the meals together and cherished the time of the night and being reluctant to say good bye.


2015/8/23 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

Thank the Lord, on the evening of August 23, 43 brothers and sisters from 9 churches gathered all together to loudly pray for Japan, the Chinese people in Japan, Park-a pastor in Africa, the Malaysian missionaries in northern Thailand, and the brothers and sisters who are returning to serve Lord. Thank Sunshine Church praise team, many people burst into tears, they all praised God all from heart! Thank President Tajima’s testimony, we all had the benefitial and precious time together. Eventually, everyone in the Lord, shared the good meals and enjoyed boredless communications beyond the wall of churches, all glory to His name!


2015/7/19 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC



2015/6/21 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

In spite of the rainy season in June 21, 33 people of brothers and sisters gathered in Tokyo Nippori international church, it was prayer meeting. Piao Shu-min pastor was entering the rest year, we encouraged the saints from the Bible . Finally, Piao Shu-min pastor was saying: past, that the JCC was able to serve, rather than whose Gong, all is God is performed hear the prayers, but it referred to as “The Lord our flag.”


2015/4/19 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

Speaker: Ms. Wenhou Pan (Yokohama Overseas Chinese Christian Center )
Attenders from:
Yokohama Overseas Chinese Christian Center ; Kawagoe Church; Shinjuku Shalom Church; Wesleyan Holiness Yodobashi Church; Tokyo Nippori Church; Tokyo International Church; Roppongi Church; Japanese Church(Saitama); Tokyo Union Church etc.
(55 people were attended. Glory to His name.)


2015/Mar./15 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

Speaker: Mr. Ryuya Sinto (A Pastor from 「Friend of sinners」Zacchaeus’s house Church)
Attenders from:
Sinsei Christian Mission Group; Kawagoe Church; Shinjuku Shalom Church; Wesleyan Holiness Yodobashi Church; Tokyo Nippori Church; Tokyo International Church; Roppongi Church; Japanese Church(Saitama); Tokyo Union Church etc.
(83 people were attended. Glory to His name.)


2015/Feb/15 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

Speaker:Mr.Liu(Ex-pastor of Chinese Bible Church of Maryland U.S.A. As a pastor in Tokyo International Christ Church this month)
Attenders from:
Mission Group; Kawagoe Church; Shinjuku Shalom Church; Wesleyan Holiness Yodobashi Church; Tokyo Nippori Church; Tokyo International Church; Roppongi Church; Japanese Church(Saitama); Tokyo Union Church etc.
(57 people were attended. Glory to His name.)


2015/Jan/18 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

Speaker:Mr.Park(Tokyo Nippori International Church)
Attenders from:
Wesleyan Holiness Yodobashi; Shinjuku Shalom; Nippori Church; Tokyo International Church; Tokyo Sunshine Christian Assembly; Kawagoe Church; Aoyama Gakuin University; Full Gospe Tokyo Church; Itabashi Korea Church, Saitama Wako Church, JCC of HONGKONG.
(There were 48 people were attended. Glory to His name.)


2014/Dec./14 Union Prayer Meeting @JCC

Speaker: Yang Guirong Missionarie(Yamanote Church)
Attenders from:
Wesleyan Holiness Yodobashi Church; Kawagoe Church; Shinjuku Shalom Church; Yamanote Church; Tokyo Sunshine Christian Assembly; Tokyo Nippori Church; Tokyo International Church; Jun Fukuyin Church; Roppongi Church; Japanese Church(Saitama) Noporito Church;Yohan Tokyo Christ Church;Tokyo Union Church etc.( 32 people were attended. Glory to His name.)

2016/May.15 Meeting Prayer

    • Self Prayer
      • Face your attention on to the Lord’s cross. Consider the Lord’s grace and examine your own heart,and Repent of the sins .
      • Ask the Lord to purify our hearts and hear our prayers according to His will.
    • Pray for Japan
      • Shinjuku Sharonmu Church:
        a. the growth of co-workers lives
        b. the establishment of Chinese language program Sunday worship will
      • Yohan chinese Christian Church:
        a.priest recruitment:
        b. and other churches can love each other, with humility, to serve the Lord together!
        c. saints love each other every day in practice to live Christ!  Will also be saved people, every day added to the church.
      • Tokyo Nippori International Church:
        a. A pastor Park’s  “overseas Chinese laborers,” the booklet can be printed smoothly; Americas Evangelical Ministry share the journey, as well as back to Japan schedule by Lord conservative.
        b.Conservative pastor ‘s health, providing everything they need.
        c.Conservative each team leaders’s health, spiritual growth
        d. pastor is not in time, the Church of the Lord’s care, to remove the enemy’s work.
        e, Prepare children’s Sunday School teacher;
        f, In May evangelistic meeting, ask the Lord to use Nippori church.
      • Revival within the Japanese churches.
      • Unity amongst the Japanese Christians that they may unite together for the advancement of the gospel.
      • The Japanese pastors, missionaries, and all others who serve the church, that the Lord may strengthen their hearts.
    • Pray for JCC
      • Thanksgiving that  Mr.Su Wenfeng(May,3-5),the magazine Overseas Campus of founder,who led to training camp finished perfectly.
      • Mr.Hua Xin’s Evangelisti Conference is coming soon.(May/21,22)
      • Mr. Gong Muliang came to Japan to help develop the Campus Fellowship team.
      • Pray core co-workers have unity in Christ, with Christ’s heart for the heart, to the house of God the things in mind.
      • The JCC Place: response and long-term expansion of God’s work, we really need a place of their own, and can be trained, reception, extend the gospel hardware and equipment. JCC seek God continue to lead the faithful and supply a chance to become a gospel Development Center Building.
      • Training center for the JCC: JCC May the Lord through training, sharing incentive believer’s heart, and guide them to embark on a rich way of life in Christ.
        Bible-based, Christ-centered, so that Christians understand and comply with the Word of God and in order to witness to the Gospel, Christ’s faithful disciples and elite.
      • Provision for: thank God for supply, and brothers and sisters support JCC missionary work in monetary .2016, we needed to ask the Lord to continue to prepare the ministry.
      • Pray that God sent a large number of missionaries to Japan to meet the needs of the mission in Japan.
    • Special Prayer for Japan
      • Fukuoka and Utsunomiya’s churches may grow and be blessed.
      • Toyama’s churches ,that Chang’s family may successfully start their bible study and other works they are doing for the Lord.
      • Sagamihara area’s churches may continue to be blessed.
      • Gifu’s churches ,God may bless Chang’sfamily in their outreach.
      •  Nagano’s  Sister Yamada’s family bible study.
      • Fukushima city, Brother Yu’s bible study is a success.
      • Gotenda, Ikebukuro, Shin-Okubo, and Kawagoe’s home fellowship’s in each of these places, may be blessed.
    • Pray for Overseas
      • Pastor Piao and his family in Kenya that they may continue the Lord’s work.
      • Chang Jian may successfully finish school and studies. That God bless him with direction after graduation, and provide the relationships he needs.
      • Yun Nan’s Lee Wenge and his wife who are starting a home church with five other families. They need wisdom and faith for the advancement of the Kingdom. Pray for their blessing and health.
      • Northern Thailand,Liao sister ‘s family is consider to become Christian, pray that she may share the gospel with her family when she returns to Malaysia
      • Chiang Rai city in Thailand’s missionary Chen may have great success in advancing the Kingdom.
      • Guangzhou’s Feng sister, she is sick with skin allergies and needs the Lord’s healing. Pray also for his parents health.
      • Fisherman Life Counseling, they work with desperate people who have drug addictions and HIV children. They need volunteers and success.
      • Ashien  may be healed from drug addiction. Pray for him and his family may be saved.
      • Xiao Yang (12 years old) is just left and more young intercession.
      • Administrative co-workers who are coming from Hong Kong may be blessed and have wisdom.
      • Malaysia Missionary Chou. Pray for wisdom and preparation for the new fellowship that they are starting. Pray for guidance of where to go next year.


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