HOMEREARING / Visitation of Ministry Group from Malaysia

Visitation of Ministry Group from Malaysia


Visitation of Ministry Group from Malaysia

Give thank to the Lord for His blessing on Japan by preparing 12 Pastors and church leaders from Malaysia to Japan voluntarily. They answered the calling of the Holy Spirit to visit Japan and actively participated in walking and pray activity along the streets in Tokyo.
We (JCC) are very grateful and honored to welcome them with our warmed-heart. Also, our members from JCC had a wonderful sharing and fellowship time with them.
A sunset fellowship and sharing session was held in the church on 8th October 2013 (Tuesday) from 7pm to 9pm.
On 10th October 2013 (Thursday) from 7pm to 9pm, they brought to us great Words from God by holding us a very thorough convention in the church. For their ministry in Sarawak, Methodist church has been serving God among His people for more than 100 years. By listening to their introduction, we are impressed and very much motivated by their experiences. The group also brought to us many kinds of training materials in Christ’s Kingdom – Family, Youth and Evangelism materials. We believe that these materials benefited our members very much.
Rejoice to the Lord as within only two sharing sessions, everyone of us has built up the family bond by sharing with each other and loving one another. We feel that the Kingdom of God bond us together without any boundaries of nation, culture or language. May all Glory and Honor to His Name!

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Visitation of Ministry Group from Malaysia

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2021/June.20 Meeting Prayer

    • Intercession for Myanmar:
      • 1 The civil war can ceasefire quickly
      • 2 The epidemic disappeared soon
      • 3 People get peace
      • 4 The church is united as one
      • 5 Believers preach the Gospel
      • 6 The Living of the refugees in war
      • 7 May God’s will be done in Myanmar!
    • For Nepal:
      • 1 Pray for the supplies and enough food for Nepal, and pray for us to have faith that the medical supplies we raised can be sent and arrived smoothly
      • 2 At this difficult time, we hope that the people of Nepal can reflect on life, and seek the true God. Ask Heavenly Father to forgive the sin of idolatry in this land
      • 3 Pray for the end of the epidemic in Nepal
    • CDF Intercession (Christ’s Disciples’ Fellowship)”
      • 1 Please pray us to help the people who struck by the typhoon. Help the believers in the branch church before the epidemic alarm has set off.
      • 2 Please pray for our two branch churches, which have not yet completed the construction of the church, to be supplied at the time set by the Lord
      • 3 Pray that God will open the way for us and keep all ministries safe so that everything we do can be accomplished in accordance with His will.
    • Intercession for India (Priest INM Vinod)
      • 1 Pray that the Lord will continue the ministry and love our neighbors
      • 2 May the Lord use INM India to help more orphans
    • Intercession (Mission India)
      • 1 May the Lord comfort the family members of the Lord who lost their loved ones in the epidemic
      • 2 Ask the Lord to provide everything for the pastors and co-workers
      • 3 Pray for the Lord to use Mission India to help the people around them in their lives and to Share the Gospel to them

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