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2019 Chinese Evangelistic Meeting in Japan


From May 18th to May 26th, 2019, it took 9 days to visit 4 cities and a total of 7 Japanese Chinese traveling sermons, which ended in God’s guidance and blessing!

Thank you video for the Tokyo meeting staff:


Before the conference:

The enthusiastic brothers and sisters walked the streets, handing out leaflets and putting up posters. Chinese restaurants, even Chinese medicine shops, will go in to “greet” and post invitations!

First stop in Osaka:

Three evangelistic meetings were held in Osaka, one of which was for the homeless. Sister Shu Zhan praised God with a Chinese violin Brother Shu Fang was sincere and affectionate to testify to the Lord. The Holy Spirit worked here, warming and opening the cold hearts of many homeless people! The seeds of the gospel were sown into those thirsty and helpless hearts!

Second stop Kobe:

Non-stop traveling sermons, Brother Shu Fang had a fever the night he arrived in Kobe! The local Elder Chen visited overnight, prayed and delivered medicine. There was a night without danger! Hallelujah praise the Lord!

The third stop: Toyama

The 81-year-old Pastor Hoshino of Shinminato Church came to the evangelistic meeting in person and agreed to prosper the gospel.

Fourth stop Tokyo:

At 9 pm on 5/26, the 2019 Japanese Chinese Tour Evangelism will come to an end in Tokyo. In the two sessions in Tokyo on May 25th and 26th, a total of 151 co-workers from 22 churches at home and abroad participated in the service! The fire of revival was blazed blazingly by the co-workers. There are almost no seats in the main hall, and the number of Japanese guests is the most in the 8th session so far. There were 76 people who took the stage to make a decision in two days. The co-workers have already begun scrambling to divide up the “adopt” newcomers. God wants to save this land, starting with raising up His children! Amen! Hallelujah!

Promotional video of the sermon:


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